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Membership TypeActive Membership

This membership is enjoyed by those seeking membership in the relevant disciplines such as (health colleges / sciences / medical engineering / industrial engineering … etc.) and in the field of pharmaceutical industries who meet the conditions for obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of the society’s specialization, and the following is required:

  1. To pay annual subscriptions.
  2. What the board of directors deems fit.
  3. The acceptance decision shall be issued by the Board of Directors.

ConditionsGeneral Membership Conditions

Generally, a society’s member must meet the following conditions:
  1. To complete the formal procedures for the membership application.
  2. He must be of good conduct.
  3. To pay the membership fees which is 300 SAR.
  4. To obtain a recommendation from two working members of the society.
  5. To issue a decision regarding the acceptance of his membership by the board of directors of the society.

ExpiresMembership expires in the following cases

  • Withdrawal or death of the member.
  • If the annual subscription has not been paid after one year of maturity.
  • A member’s breach of one of the membership conditions.
  • Carrying out any act or activity that results in material or moral damage to the association. In this case, membership is not forfeited without the approval of the society’s board of directors.

A person who has lost membership may recover his membership by a decision of the Board of Directors if the reasons for dropping the previous membership are removed.